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Old Wives Tales

Old wives tales and superstitions, different objects, weather, animals were used to define the future coming advents.

Here's some about babies

It is considered bad luck to have a pram in the house before the new baby is born.

It is good luck to give a new baby a coin in its hand when you first see it.

"Mondays Child"

Mondays child is fair of Face
Tuesdays child is full of Grace
Wednesdays child is full of Woe
Thursdays child has far to Go
Fridays child is Loving and Giving
Saturdays child works hard for a living
But the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe and good and Gay

It was also considered bad luck to cut the nails of a baby before he/she was a year old.

If a baby is born with teeth then it was said that the mother would soon become pregnant again.

If a baby was weighed before a year old the baby would suffer ill health.

If a baby didn’t cry while being christened it meant that the devil was already in him/her.

Never show a baby the mirror because he/she is sure to see the devils face in it.


Marry in the summer, your marriage will prosper and bloom
Marry in the winter, your marriage will be cold and infertile
Marry in the spring, your marriage will be full of joy
Marry in the autumn, your marriage will fall
But what ever you do steer clear of May because believe it when they say you'll rule the day !!!

Married in white, you have choose all rite
Married in grey, you will go far away
Married in black, you'll wish yourself back
Married in red you'd be better off dead
Married in green, you'll be ashamed to be seen
Married in blue, you’ll always be true
Married in pearl, you’ll live in a whirl
Married in yellow, you’ll be ashamed of your fellow
Married in brown, you'll live out of town
Married in pink, your spirits will sink

To put a sixpence in your shoe the day of your marriage was said to bring good luck

To ware

Something old and something new
Something borrowed and something blue
were for good luck

It was bad luck to see a funeral carriage on your way to your wedding

It was good luck for the groom to carry the bride over the threshold of there house

Who ever caught the brides flowers was the next to get married

Three times a brides maid never a bride

To take off the wedding ring was considered very bad luck and would mean the marriage would fail

If it rained on your wedding day it meant that the marriage would be full of arguments and tears
If it was windy on your wedding day the marriage would be full of promises that wouldn’t be kept
If it snowed on your wedding day it meant that the marriage would be peaceful and warm
If the sun shone on your wedding day it meant that it would last very long

It was said to be lucky if the bride was late, but for the groom to late was very bad luck

It was said to be bad luck if the bride showed her garter to any one else before her new husband

If the bride tripped as she walked into the church it was said to be good luck

For the bride and groom to see each other on the eve of there wedding was considered very bad luck in deed

Animal Superstitions


A black cat was said to belong to witches

A black cat passing by your window foretells the arrival of a visitor.

A black cat that befriends you was lucky, if a black cat spat or bit you it was very unlucky.

If a cat washes behind its ears it means it will rain.
If a cat sits with its back to the fire it means that snow will fall.
If a cat chases his tail and runs around wildly it means that there will be high winds and gales coming.

If a cat refuses to come into the house it means that a family member will soon be struck down with and illness or some one will soon die.

If you woke up to find a cat breathing by your mouth it was said that the cat was breathing out your spirit to take to the devil.


If a dog dug a hole in your garden it foretold of a death coming.
If a dog howled mournfully day an night it foretold of death coming.
If a strange dog was to follow you or come into your house it was considered good luck.
If your own dog would not follow you it was considered bad luck.

Hares and Rabbits

Hares were said to witches in disguise.
If a hare run past you unexpectedly it meant that a witch was after your soul.
If a hare or rabbit crossed you path it was considered bad luck and you should turn around and go home.

But it was very lucky to have a rabbit or hare foot on a neck lace or belt.

It was very lucky to step into horse muck
It was lucky to meet a white horse on your travels.
It was unlucky if a horse bucked in front of you on your travels.

Ladybirds Red for luck yellow for bad luck.
If a ladybird enters your house a visitor will come.

Spiders are good luck !!
Spiders in your house are supposed to be lucky.
If a spider goes up and down on his thread it is supposed to mean that money will come your way.
If a spider nests in your kitchen you will never starve.
If a spider nests in your bathroom there will be a drought.
To kill a spider was very unlucky.
If you have a spider in your house and you don’t want it there you are to take it across the road to be sure it wont come back.

A cricket or grasshopper in your house is unlucky.
Ants in the house are lucky it means you will prosper.
Wasps in your house are unlucky it was said that a marriage will breakdown or illnesses would come.
Beetles in your house meant that it would rain or bad weather was on its way.
Fly’s in your house was said to be very unlucky, ill heath and death was coming.

It was very lucky to step into horse muck
It was lucky to meet a white horse on your travels.
It was unlucky if a horse bucked in front of you on your travels.

Ladybirds Red for luck yellow for bad luck.
If a ladybird enters your house a visitor will come
Doors and Windows


If your front door should knock and there is no one there open it and welcome in the good spirit, unless of course it knocks three times because then you invite the bad spirits in.
If you back door knocks and no one is there what ever you do don’t open it because you'll let the devil in.
If your front door opens by itself it foretells of bad news to come.
If a back door opens by itself it foretells of a coming death.
If a door in the house opens by itself it foretells of a visitor.
If a door in the house closes by itself it foretells of arguments to come.
Doors that face each other should have a chime in the middle to keep bad spirits from coming into your house. Or to allow he energy to flow.


If a window gets stuck when you try to open it meant that death was soon to come.
If a window gets stuck when you try to shut it meant that illness was coming.
If a window flew open it meant that the weather would be very good.
If a window blew shut it meant that the weather would be bad.
A cracked window meant that there was sadness in the house.
A broken window meant that hearts would be broken.


If the bricks of your house were lose it meant that you would soon lose your fortune.
If the bricks of your house were rotten it meant that there were a lot of deceit and lies.
If a brick or some bricks had fallen out it meant that ill heath will always surround who ever lives there.


A leaning chimney meant that there was danger of mental break down.
A cracked chimney meant that divorce was sure to happen.
Missing bricks in a chimney meant that there would be arguments and violence.

Pictures And Photographs of people you know

If a picture wouldn’t stay straight on the wall it meant that sadness was about to fall.
If a picture fell of the wall it meant that death was coming.
If a picture got broke it meant that a journey would be stalled.

If a photo fell of the wall or cupboard it meant that person would soon die.
If a photo wasn’t straight it meant that person would be ill.
If a photo of a person got broke it meant that they would lose all of the possessions at some point in there lives.


To keep a white candle burning all of the time was said to keep the spirits of the house content and happy, it was a mark of respect.
If a candles flame was big it meant that good fortune was coming.
If the flame of the candle was small it meant that you would have to work hard to get money.
If the flame flickered it meant that joy was coming.
If it blew out without any apparent reason then be on your guard for bad luck was on its way.


If a mirror got broke it was said to be 7 years bad luck unless you put it out side and waited for it to rain, the rain would wash the bad luck away.
If a mirror fell of the wall it meant that he devil had got in to your house, to get rid of him you had to put the mirror in your garden an let the sun shine on it.
It was said that you should never have two mirrors facing each other because that stopped the flow of energy from moving around the house.
Hang a mirror facing the front and back door would keep bad spirits from entering your house.
Never have a mirror in your bedroom because it was said to allow bad spirits to come into your dreams and steal your soul.

Mirrors on Halloween night at exactly 12 am

You would see the man/ woman that you are to marry.
You would see the devil.
You would see spirits of your loved ones that had died.
Cover up all mirrors in the house to stop the devil from entering on this night.

A mirror is a way of looking at yourself, looking into you soul and seeing who you really are.
A way of seeing the thing's that you are afraid of and the thing's that you love.
A mirror can be a way of accessing the other world's.
A mirror can be a gate way to bring forth good and bad spirit's.
It is said that if your soul wanders during the night, a mirror can capture it. Thus some people avoid having mirrors in the bedroom or cover them before sleeping.

Bad luck Bird superstitions !!

Magpies !!

Magpies were said to be the devil's bird.
They were said to be the spirits of the devils clan disguises as birds and watched out for the signs of death in humans and report it to the devil so that he could claim them on their dying breath.
If a magpie came into your house it was very bad luck and meant that some illness would fall upon a family member.
If a magpie was to cross your path on your journey then you should turn back straight away.
It was said that you should always say good morning or good afternoon to a magpie when you saw one or the devil would come and get you.
If you forgot to say good morning or afternoon then you should spit as you pass the magpie then they think you are already destined to go to the devil on death and will leave you alone.
If magpies make a lot of noise clacking away in distress it meant bad weather was coming and to stay in doors.

Magpie songs

One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold and seven for a secret never to be told.

One for sorrow, two for mirth, three for a wedding, four for a birth, five for heaven, six for hell and seven you'll see the devil himself.

Rooks, Ravens, Crows and Jackdaws

These are also said to of an unlucky nature and bearers of bad news.

If you saw a jackdaw on your way to some ware you should ask him if can go bye or bad luck will fall on you.
Crows and ravens would warn you of death and illness if they were to be on the roof of your house.
If there were many it was a sign of good luck, if there was just one or two it was very bad luck.
Crows were also said to be the messengers of the devil.
Ravens were said to be the spy’s of the wizards and witches.
Rooks that sat on your house meant that the master of the house would soon die.
But a rook also brought prosperity if it nested near your house.
And farmers encouraged the rooks as they kept the crows away.

Pigeons were said to be the most feared birds as they most defiantly meant that death was coming.

Peacocks were said to be bearers of bad luck and their feathers were never taken into a house because it was said that the family would be stricken by bad fortune and lose every thing in their possession.


Picking up a pin was good luck
See a pin and pick it up
All the day you'll have good luck
See a pin and let it lay
You will have bad luck all day

Find a penny and pick it up
Just as long as its head way
You will have luck all day
If you touch it with the tails showing
Your luck is sure to be going

To buy a broom in the month of may
A family member will move away

Crossed knives on a table
Bad luck was told in this fable
Two knives that crossed upon this day
Brought a death wish coming this way

Two spoons in a cup a baby will arrive
Two spoons in a saucer a wedding surprise.

If in your house a mans puts a spade
For you or your kinfolk a grave is half made.

To cross some one else on the stairs was considered bad luck.
To trip up the stairs was good luck.

To get out of bed on the right
You day would be happy and bright
To get out of bed on the left side
You would Fall and lose your pride


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