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As we fall asleep we fall into another conscious state, our bodies relax and it seems as though our spirits do to. Our spirits do not have to rest in the same way that our bodies do, if our bodies do not get rest we can become worn down, and feel totally drained, remember that the solid form that we have chosen is a tool for us to experience feelings as a human being.

Our spirits are constantly working on trying to get us to evolve into the wonderful spirits of light that we are, to free us from the idea that we have of not being able to do the things we can do while in this solid form. Our spirits are our guides, if they cannot show you something that you need to know while you are a awake, they will use your bodies rest time to help you discover any thing that is eating away at your subconscious.

Other spirits will come into your dreams to give you messages or guidance. Some come to let you know that they are alright once they have died, others come to attack, show you your fears or help you understand something you are confused about.


Many people have premonitions while they sleep, in most cases the dreams are of future advents that are not to good, like plain crashes, boats sinking or mass death.

Others have dreams of inventions many years before they are created in this world, like Joules Verne and his stories of the submarine.

A lot of people see people that they later meet in their lives or what sex their children will be, different advents or places that they go to visit in their later years.

Premonitions are more than likely to be your spirit visiting the future.

In the case of disasters a collection of many spirits visit you letting you know what will happen to them. You see your spirit knows well in advance of how your body will die and when. Some times these spirits let others know, these others may at one time come into contact with their family members or they for warn you so that when it happens you can send out healing to all concerned.

The people that the spirits belong to are not aware of their own death so have no knowledge of what is to come. Though there may be a few at the last minute who have bad feelings and don’t travel or go some where because something is telling them not to go.


Some people can share the same dream, they see and hear exactly the same things as each other. It isn’t until you start to talk of dreams to others that you find out that they have dreamt the same thing. My mum and I used to have the same dream over and over again. We used to share many dreams. We could never work out whose dream it was, or why we would have them. There could have been many reasons, I guess, though I can only think of two. That is one of us was having the dream and was connecting to the other through telepathic sleep. Two, that spirit was connecting to us both and trying to show us something important. Sharing the same dreams is more common than people think, finding the reasons for it is much more difficult.

Sleep Walking And Talking 

Sometimes people sleep walk or act out what they are dreaming about. These are mainly caused by your body not being at rest properly or that the dream is so intense that your spirit is still attached to your body and is acting out what you are doing while asleep.

I know from personal experience that while asleep you can act out some of the things that you do in your dreams. I have in the past had dreams of hitting someone and woke my ex-husband up by punching him on the nose. I woke him up many times by either slapping, pushing or pulling him. I have also been woken up by my ex-husband whilst I was standing in the corner of the bedroom or standing by the widow.

I have always talked in my sleep and still do. Many times I have woke my self up by chatting away, laughing or crying. Many times I have woke the family up while shouting in my sleep.

Semi Sleep

You can be aware that you are in semi sleep, in-between this world and the world of dreams. On many occasions I have been woken up by my ex, realizing that he was there calling me, yet still knowing that I am dreaming. I have even been told “you are dreaming Cherie, wake up”, answering “yes I know but I am still there” and telling him to wake me up properly by giving me a shake. This state is where you want to wake up though at the same time your spirit needs you to see what is happening. Your spirit is basically trying to tell you some thing important, while you don’t really want to see or hear the results.


You can feel pain while you are sleeping, myself and many people that I have talked to about dreams have said that they actually feel pain in there sleep. Most of the time once pain has been felt you wake up.

Tripping or falling in your sleep makes up wake up quickly because you don’t want to hurt yourself. You may even have unexplained marks on your body when you wake up from some injury or fight that you have had while dreaming.

I do think that it is possible to seriously hurt or kill someone while you sleep.

I also think that it would be possible to bring some thing into this world from your dreams.
Controlling Your Dreams
 You can control your dreams if you choose to, or control what happens while you are actually having them.

Before You Go To Sleep

You can ask that you have a dream that you have a new job, or move to a new home. You may find that you dream about these subjects giving you idea’s about to find look for the job or house.

You can ask to dream of fairies, wizards any fantasy that you wish.

You can ask to meet your guides or a family member that has past over to the spirit world.

You can ask for some insight into your future, whether that is to find out if you will have kids, find your dream man/woman, what you will be doing in a few years time.

Whilst Asleep

You can change your frame of mind before you go to sleep by telling yourself that once you are in asleep any thing that happens in only a dream. That if you chose to you can change what is happening in your dream or wake yourself up if there is something that you don’t like about the dream. This way you have made a conscious choice to be aware while sleeping.

If you start to have a night mare you can then simple say “this is just a dream, wake up and it will go away”, You will find that you wake up on that command.

Or you can say “ this is just a dream and I choose to change it into some thing nice”. Then make it into a dream that brings you happiness.

Remember that you are the master of yourself whether awake or asleep. You should be in control of what you want in your life whether you are in dream world or in this world.