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Spirit Attacks

Spirit attacks are any form of attack, whether mental, emotional, psychical, or energy, and these can come from a spirit who has passed over or a spirit that has taken the form of a human being, animal, or any form they have chosen to be. Even plants, earth, sea’s, oceans, the sun, moon and weather can attack. They are all spirit. Any spirit can use all of the ways to attack when they want to. Some attacks are to bring your attention to something that you are ignoring, other attacks are nasty or just because they can, or because these spirits want something that you have so abuse you until you give in.
Mental and Emotional Attacks
Attacks from a human being, they may call you names or tell you constantly that you are worthless and no good at any thing that you do. They run you down so that you feel you have nothing to give to yourself and other people, you feel as though it doesn’t matter what you do in your life you will never be good enough for any one to like or love you. You maybe a woman or a man that is told you are not worth looking at because you are to fat, to thin, you have a wart on your face or to many freckles etc. They pray on your fears and keep going on about them or teasing you, lets say if you are scared of spiders or cotton wool, they will put these fears in front of you, deliberately getting a spider or cotton wool and placing it by you so you are shocked or very frightened. These are attacks on your mental thinking about yourself and how others see you. These attacks are to keep us in a state of fear so that you don’t move on with your spiritual growth or become a whole and well balanced person.
Many of us become stronger and have to recondition our thoughts to over come all of the mental abuse that we have had in our life’s.
Some of us are so far gone into the fact that all the abuse has damaged their souls and they never over come any of it.
Others pass it down to their children and other people they know. Not always on purpose, but because it is what they now think is the normal way to live. Though I will add they do have the choice to change their way of thinking.
The attacks from spirits of the dead are just as bad as the ones from humans, they will put your fears in your mind at anytime, they will come in your dreams and give you nightmares and terrors while you sleep, most of the time it is to keep your spirit from growing. Some times even if the attacks are horrific they can be trying to make you overcome your fears so you can move on in your life. You and you alone will come to understand the difference.
The attacks of animals, sometimes it is because they just sense that you fear them, others it is because they are trying to help you over come the fear you have of them. I will use a cat as an example, if a cat knows you have fear of them they will come close to you, they will stare at you, they will get your attention one way or another. Cats will be almost every where you go, you have to face them, sometimes it makes your fear worse and this will stop your spirit from growing, others it will help you over come your fear of them until one day the fear has gone. It is the same if you fear dogs, spiders, ants, it doesn’t matter what kind of animal or insect you fear they will always be in your life, until you except them or say “no more, go away“.
Attacks from the earth, sea’s weather etc have the same effect on you as other mental attacks, you can live in fear of hurricanes, floods, earth quakes all types of natural disaster happening. The more you fear them the more these things come, you are bombarded with floods, earth quakes and all those other fears, it causes you mental and emotional stress. They are attacks on your spirit, you can choose to stay or leave to rid yourself of these kind of attacks. Or change your way of thinking about them.
Psychical Attacks
Psychical attacks , can be any anything from a push here and there, to a good beating, from touching in a sexual way to rape.
Humans can psychical abuse you by pushing you around, it may be fun to them and they are not aware that they are abusing you, this kind of abuse is often done by a person who uses little slaps or punches when they talk to you and they think it is a way to be friendly. Having this done to you all of the time ends up being an attack as it starts to make you feel low, even if you like the person who is doing it. You feel as though you don’t want to be with this person because you know that you will have to have the little slaps and punches. You must let these people become aware of how they are making you feel, as they may not be aware just how much it affects others.
Beatings from other people in my opinion are caused mostly by the attackers own low self worth or because they were treated this way somewhere in their lives. They are trying to rectify this by making themselves feel as though they are in control and not the lower person. Some of them of coarse are dead jealous of the other person and bully them with beatings calling them names etc at the same time.
Touching is also be a form of abuse, the person may touch you on the breasts or legs when they talk to you. If you do not like it is an attack on yourself and affects you in your growing up, as you tend to shy away from people when they go to touch you any where on your body as there is always the thought “ I hope he/she doesn’t touch me in those places ”. People that do this must be told that it is offending you and they need to be given the reasons as to why for them to understand that it is not acceptable.
Sexual abuse is anything from you being made to do sexual things to another person to rape. You may have had things done to you where you are touched in private places or made to touch others private places and bring them pleasure that way. You may have been made to do sexual things with members of your own family, be it mother, father, etc while being watched by others. Even being made or viewing pawn films, or constantly having sex talks in front of children is a form of sexual abuse. Rape in men or women, both can rape and both can be the person being raped, it is not just women that are raped. It can affect the rest of you life if you let, go seek help or walk away from the person or persons that it to you. It is hard and you have to be strong, but it is up to you to change what is and has happened to you.
Attacks of the spirits of the dead are real and do happen, they can push you, they can hit you, they can rape you, and in some cases they can kill you. Please do not go into a panic over this, these type are very few. Some are what people call myths but they are there, people have seen the same things today as what was around hundreds of years ago. The old hag and beggar is one of them to name. They come just as you are falling asleep and they attack, the beggar holds you down and the woman beats you, Any of these go for vulnerable people who may have emotional problems, or are psychic in some way. There are many stories of these types of spirits that attack, which I will be discussing in the section Ghost Stories.
Animals attack mostly when they are frightened or hunting, this is a natural thing for them to do. But there are occasions when an animal will attack you because they know you are afraid of them, or they sense something about you that they don’t like, they may even attack you because they can sense you have an illness. For pets it is up to the owners to correct their animals for attacking, teach them while they are young, that they shouldn’t bite or attack for any reason. With wild animals it is more difficult, all I can suggest is not to put yourself in a position where you are alone with them.
All animals are unpredictable no matter whether they are pets or wild. Always remember that they have a natural instinct for survival of the strongest, anything smaller or weaker is usually bullied or killed.
Earth and all natural weathers attack, a hurricane can grab you and toss you in the air, the sea can have tidal waves that will wash over the land and drown you. The earth can open up and suck you into the ground, lightening can strike you, the snow can freeze you and the hail can beat you. Of all the things in the world you cannot beat nature. It is unpredictable and can viciously attack. If you don’t like what it does, if you can move away if not learn to live it and accept it because it will always be here.
Energy Attacks
Energy Attacks are just as much real as mental, emotional and physical. The real difficulty with these types of attacks are that you may not or can not find exactly where they are coming from.
These attacks come in many forms.
Mental and emotional Attacks
You will feel depressed, unhappy, afraid, frightened, angry, become some what paranoid or have mood swings. Don’t get these mixed up with how you are feeling, if they are your feelings you will have to think deep to find the cause and if necessary seek help from a professional, if you cant find any reason for the feelings being yours, then you may be under an energy attack.
You may get images in your mind of people or things that you are afraid of, you may see images with your own eyes that seem real, but on a closer examination are not there. Again don’t get these attacks mixed up with any potential illness, as some illness’s can have the same affect, don’t get these mixed up with any drug or alcohol usage as you may have hallucinations which appear the same.
Physical attacks with the use of energy happens, it is as real as being abused as a material person does. Using energy while attacking, you can actually feel a push or hit or having a good beating, you can actually feel sexual advances and rape. Sometimes you can be left with the marks of these attacks, or other people can see that something is there hitting you or raping you.
 Attacking Yourself
The biggest and best attacks come from yourself, you may not always be aware of this assuming that attacks come from else where because many of us don’t want to believe that we have the capability to do it without being conscious of it.
You mentally and emotionally abuse yourself by putting yourself down with the thoughts that you are not worthy, you are not good enough to receive love, a good life, friends, etc. You think that you can not do things or need some one else to guide you in your life’s journey, you feel a failure and often think that nothing will ever go right for you. You are attacking your own spirit with these thoughts.
Physical abuse of the self is quite common many people harm themselves. They can be subtle attacks from little pinches on the body or slaps to punches, more serious are the cutting or burning of the body, and then there are the attempted suicides of the self.
Yes you can use energy to attack yourself too, you may not be aware of this and think that the attacks come from outside forces. Sometimes if you have been through a traumatic experience and you have forgotten some of the details or all of it, your spirit never forgets and may need you to remember what it is. It attacks you in order for the memories to come back so that you can move forward in you journey of life, you may need these memories to be able to help others who have gone through the same trauma’s you have. Other times you may have clips of memories that need to be resolved and your spirit will attack so that you can remember the whole, this will put your mind at rest, then you will be able to come to terms with the events and emotions that have occurred or are still happening.
It is hard to believe that you can put yourself through these attacks and not be ware of it, it does happen. There are always reasons behind any of the attacks mentioned above, finding these reasons out can be very hard and emotional. At the end of the day you will find that you start to become more at peace with yourself once you have delved into your inner soul to find the causes.
They say “ spirit moves in mysterious ways “ no matter good or bad spirit is trying to guide you to a better way of living and thinking. Any attack is a lesson for you to learn something about yourself to move on and live!
First of all not every one is aware that energy is a living thing and can be transported here there and every where nor are they Not everyone is aware that their energy can be taken one way or another. It is part of us and the whole creation of life, it is real and can be felt. You may have experienced energy with out even realizing it, you may get tingles over your body and wonder what it is or just have weird feelings that something isn't right with a person you meet, or feel that they are sad or happy. This is their energy that you pick up, it can also be energy of spirits of the dead or of things that have happened in certain places, every thing leaves part of their energy somewhere whether it is intentional or not. This is why many people sense things around the world and with other people.