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This is a little section on how spirits of the dead and other spirits communicate, different things in this world for you to recognize them when they try to talk to you. Things that spirit can to do to make you aware that they are around, the way in which they can give messages and show themselves to you.
When some people pass over not all of them know how to communicate with us and have to learn how to do it.
In my experiences of spirit visits when these come to you, you will feel pressure as they try to make you aware of them and who they are. Most of the time they come at night when you are trying to go to sleep as this is when you are more relaxed and in many cases more receptive to spirit as you are slipping into another conscious state. They will touch you, tap you push you, and even put pressure on your chest to get you to notice them and talk to them. If you are not aware of the way they try to communicate you may mistake them as an attack, you have to stay calm and ask them get off you, telling them to try other ways of talking to you. It can be very frustrating for both you and them when they are having trouble getting you to understand them. The best way to help them is by asking them to touch you once for yes, twice for no and ask them questions. You may not get all of the message in one go as this can be slow, you both need to rest so when you feel tired all you have to do is ask them to leave you to sleep and come back tomorrow when you are more awake. As they progress in the spirit world they learn many different ways of contacting you. It is only usually temporary that they need help to talk to us earthy beings.
Spirits are capable of anything they will come to you as they wish you to see them, so they can be any age they wish to be. If they want you to give a message to someone that they have not seen, say, since they were sixteen they will come to you as a sixteen year old so that the person you are giving a message to will recognize them. The same spirit can come to you as the age that they died if they wish to give a message to their family that was close to them at their time of death. Even your deceased pets come to visit as they would be remembered while they were here on earth.
Spirits can show themselves in solid matter appearing as a living human being, you can see them with your eyes, be able to hear them with your ears and touch them with your hands. They can also touch you, talk to you and listen to you as this solid form. They walk among us every single day, for those that are aware of this you will know that they have a look about them. They seem as though they are "alive" like us though have a different sort of glow in their eyes and aura that makes them stand out from the rest of us. Some are aware of us, others are not, they live in a different dimensional time warp that sometimes mixes with ours.
Some spirits show themselves as orbs of light, they can be different colours, for example, at the time of a death of a family member, a blue orb was dancing on the wall of the stairs and I knew it was the person coming to say goodbye. One night I saw two red orbs on my bedroom wall and knew it was my Nan and granddad. Another time I was doing a reading for someone and there were three red orbs on her wall just at the side of me. The colours of the orbs can vary, but most of the time you also get the feel of who it is.
Other times spirits can show themselves as streaks of light, shadows, shadows of light, even star like shapes.
Spirits can move things either when they are in solid matter or when they come just as energy, sometimes they do this while you are in the same room as them, sometimes they do this when they are alone. They can switch the tv over, put the volume up and even switch it on or off. The same goes for anything thing on this earth. They will use anything to communicate if they want to make you aware that they are around or need to get a message over to you or someone else. They can take things away from this dimension and put things in it.
They can use the tv, radios, telephones, music, films, any thing from this world to put their messages across to you.
They can come into your dreams and meditations, spirit dreams are usually the ones that stick in your head the next day, making you really think deep about the dream.
Some of my experiences of how spirit talks can be found under the section Spirit Stories. Where you will see how and why spirit comes into your life to guide you, even if sometimes we don't understand, listen or fear the messages, they are constantly coming in to help you on your journey of this life.





Many of us including those that are already very aware of spirit, miss so many signs that spirit gives us throughout our daily lives. There is not a day that goes by where spirit or a deceased loved one is not trying to help and guide on your journey of life. We go along on our daily lives, with many thoughts about what we have done, what we have not done, what we will doing in the near future, planning preparing, dealing with emotions, that we totally get wrapped up in nothing but the past and future. Not many of us live in the now which is where the signs are.
Yes, we do have to sort through our past mistakes or emotions, yes we do have to plan a little for the future, the nation of people in today’s world spend far to much time doing this and not enough time just being.
Live not for the past, for the past has gone, live not for the future, for the future is to come, live in the now, for the now is where you are.
The every day signs are all around you.
 Ask and you will receive, Seek and you will find, Knock and the door will open.
Ask for signs from spirit ! Yes you can ask.
Seek out those signs from spirit ! Yes you will find.
Knock on the door of spirit ! Yes it will open.
If you are need of guidance whether it be about your health, new job, moving house, whatever. Ask spirit for help. Once you have asked, spirit will endeavour to put those answers in front of you, then it will be up to you to notice the signs that they give you.
Lets say you want to move, but are not sure where to go, ask spirit where you should go. For the next few days look out for earthly signs. You may see a sign that says “go south” on a bill board or truck. You may catch a few words from some bodies conversation, all you here is “go south”, you may hear a song that says “southward bound” or open a page in a book and there in big letters is “SOUTH”.
Once you are sure that south is the answer you can ask “which country, or which town?” Again look out for the signs as you go along on your daily routine. You will start to notice the signs much easier.
You can ask any thing you wish too, seeking out the signs is fun as well as giving you confirmation that there is someone or spirit out there who is helping and guiding you.
Once you have asked, then sought, the doors of spirit will open, you will start to notice so many other signs without you even having to ask. With asking and seeking you have knocked on the door of spirit and it is wide open.
When you feel that no body loves you, understands you, or wants you. You may see signs every where that says “we love you”, “spirit loves you”, “I understand you” “we want you”. These can be in visual signs or hearing signs, through songs, poems, newspapers even on the TV. The comforting words will pop up every where.