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Notes of all who are wishing to contact me
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Notes of all who are wishing to contact me

I would just like you all to beware that I cannot reply to all of the emails that I recieve, there are too many and most of them are for the same advice.

So therefore please only email me if you have problems with spirits that are worrying you, making you feel frightened or you beleive they may be here to cause you harm. Or if there is something that you dont understand about spirit and I will endevour to try and help you.

For those that have asked how can I contact one of my loved ones. Please just sit down and talk to them, telling them every thing you need them to know, they are listening even if you dont see, hear or sense them. Or try and find a spiritualist church near you that maybe able to help you. Remember they still love you.

For those asking how can I develope my spiritual know how, again find a spiritualist church near you that can help you find a circle. I am also in the process of addding information about how to communicate and work with spirit on this site. It will come under a page called "cherie's on line circle", please be pateint as this in progress. Once this is up and running you may email me with questions that you dont understand in my teachings. 

I am sorry that I have had to put this note up but I have too many emails for me to cope with and it has'nt helped that I had been quite ill for several month's.

Kind regards


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