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Welcome to my world



My website is for everyone ! Whether you already have an awaressness of spirit or not. If you have some knowledge of spirit, then some or all of my views you will be able to relate to.

If you have no knowledge or are sceptical of this sort of thing then I am hoping that my website will open your mind and get you thinking about some of the unusaul things that have happened in your life, that you think have been odd, weird or coincidences that you cant explain.

If you are wanting to develope your psychic abilities I am hoping that you will learn a bit more about it, how it works and things that can help you.

There are several healing sections, as I feel that healing yourself makes you more aware of your own emotions and feelings, to be able to help those who have trouble dealing with emotions and the healing process. Being aware of yourself opens up your intuition and perception of the out side world and other people.

There are sections on spirit, what I believe spirit is, spirit guides, spirit attacks and psychic vampires. Signs, astral travel and much more. 

Being Open To Spirit
Being open to spirit can happen in many ways, do not think that it is easy or a pleasent journey, it is not always like that.

Not only do you have to cope with this world but you also have to cope with worlds and spirits outside of the "norm".

Some people will come to this world and be aware that spirit with them from the time they are born.

If you have an understanding family it can be easier to live with, you will have someone that you can talk to about the things that you see and hear.

Even better if one or both of your parents already has or uses their psychic gifts as they will be able to guide you and help you when nesacary.

If you have parents that dont beleive in all this stuff, or just wont except what you tell them you see and hear, it can be hard.

You may find that you try to shut off, you wont tell anyone, you hide away from people, you almost live as though you are the only person in the world to have this psychic ability. When you do this you deny yourself, you can not be who you truely are until you open up to the fact that this is your reality, its your truth and to the hell with everyone who cant except you as you are. You will be happy in your own little world because you will never feel alone, but you will not be happy in this world with people. You have to live in both to have the balance and best of both worlds. Dont isolate yourself from everyone esle just because you are affraid of what re-actions you will get, be yourself, say what you want to say, for those that matter will stay and those that dont matter will leave. This even means those that you hold dear to you.

Some may come here and start to notice that there is more to life than they first realised.

This may come easly or the gentle approach from spirit.

You may start to notice how many coinidences you have, chance meetings, etc. You may be able to define your own dreams and be aware of which are spirit, future or personnal dreams. You may see people in the corner of your eye and when you look no-one is there, you may hear your name called and again no-one is there, you may hear voices when no-one is around. You may smell things that no-one else can. You may get feelings of deja vu and these get increasingly regular. All these things get your attention so you start asking questions and suddenly from no where you start getting answers, you start to meet people who have been experiencing the same things, or meet someone that knows a psychic and surgests you go talk to them. Once spirit makes themselves aware to you they will do anything to get you the help that you need.

This may come the hard way.

Spirit always tries the easy way first, but if after a long period of time you still dont get it, which happens because we live obiliviuos to spirit most of the time, they will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

You may find that you are bomarded with lots of spirits all at the same time, you will see and hear them everywhere. You will see visions some of which wont be very nice, like disastors and deaths. You will be driven to near madness by everything coming in all at once, seeing, voices, deja vu, coinidences, bad dreams, you may even get the not so nice spirits coming to you too.

Dont dispare if this does happen to you, once you acknowledge that it is spirit tring to show you or make you aware that there is more to life that this world, it will all stop, but I will say that after you have said "ok I understand" your work will start.

You will not be able to deny that spirit exsists anymore, you will again be shown how to get help to live with it and what you can do with this gift of psychic. Spirit will guide you.

Take Note.

Now in saying all of this you can get these sort of thing's happen when you have a mental illness, suffer from severe depression, lack of sleep can affect your mind, drug's and alcohol can also have the same effects.

It is for you to realise whether it is really spirit or whether you have a problem, if thing's dont settle down after a while then I would surgest that you either go to a spiritualist church to ask for advice, go to your doctor or a proffesional adviser.

Dont always assume that it is spirit, dont neglect your own well being just because you believe you do not have mental or emotional problems.

Look after yourself , body mind and soul.